There are many different training options that I can offer

Full Training 5 days a week being exercised at $600.00 a month
Half Training 3 days a week being exercised at $400.00 a month
Ride individual workouts at $50.00
Riding lessons $50.00 on personal horse and $60.00 on a schooling horse. 
Traveling  Traveling expensses are added for Training and Lessons not at the home barn


Grooming Services


Full Body Clipping full body $175.00
Half Clip Clipping all body and leaving the head and legs at $145.00
Pulling mane may range from $35.00 to $50.00 due to mane length and horse
Braiding $50.00 and you must provide rubber bands or yarn


Location : 14755 Toll Road Reno, Nevada 89521


Cell Number - (775) 901-2047 E-mail -